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Our commitment to promote the development of local communities where the company is located is aimed at furthering integrated and sustainable growth.

We want to contribute to the economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the society we live in, since the company can only grow if the system it forms part of can grow alongside it.

This is why it is crucial for us to create a dialogue with local stakeholders in all the areas where we are present in order to set up social and cultural projects that are shared and developed throughout the network, to generate a real impact on our reference communities.

We believe in the value of volunteer work and the key role it plays in our society and this is why we involve our collaborators in corporate volunteering projects. Since 2015 we have run the ChiesiVolunteering Week, during which Chiesi employees can help local no-profit associations. Our affiliates get involved in a range of different ways, with specific solidarity initiatives for each country.

For more information about Chiesi’s commitment to the community, click here.