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  • Building the Foundation


     Our journey began with the establishment of our first laboratory, where we laid the groundwork for sustainability. Ethics, transparency, responsible behavior, innovation, and value generation were already deeply ingrained in our DNA.

  • Saving Lives, Celebrating Breakthroughs


    As we celebrated our 50th anniversary, we achieved a significant milestone with Poractant Alfa, a life-saving treatment for preterm babies with respiratory distress syndrome.

  • Empowering through Knowledge


    The birth of Chiesi Foundation marked a pivotal moment in our quest to promote access to knowledge and quality care. By sharing our expertise in neonatology and pulmonology, we empower those who lack direct access to receive the support they deserve.

  • Transparency and Responsibility


    Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility took tangible form as we published our first CSR report, providing transparency and showcasing our extensive activities aimed at creating a positive impact.

  • Pioneering Sustainability


    Unveiling our first Sustainability Strategic Plan, we integrated sustainability into our business model. Proudly becoming a Benefit Corporation in Italy and the United States, we publicly declared our intent to generate shared value for both our business and society.

  • Leading the Way


     We joined the global movement as a certified B Corp, advocating for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. With a commitment to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2035, we invested significantly in reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Taking Action, Making Impact


    Setting ambitious carbon neutrality targets, we launched the inspiring #ActionOverWords campaign. Our Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi)-approved GHG reduction targets and the pioneering status of Chiesi France as a “Société à mission” in the health industry demonstrate our dedication to purposedriven action.

  • Strengthening Our Resolve


    Through B Corp recertification, we reinforce our commitment to sustainability.

  • The new factory in via Palermo launched in 1955

  • Processing room in the new factory in via Palermo

  • Historical pictures of products launched after WWII

  • Laboratory in the new factory in via Palermo