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Chiesi launches “The Art of Caring”, a journey in search of the link between Parma, officinal treatments and pharmaceutics

Date: 17/11/2020

Parma, November 17, 2020 – Chiesi Farmaceutici, an international research-focussed pharmaceutical group, announces the launch of the website www.artedellacura.com. A cultural and historical account consisting of three virtual itineraries which set out to discover some of the places symbolising the link between Parma and the world of officinal treatments and health.


“The Art of Caring” is the Chiesi Group spin-off forming part of the macro-project “Pharmacopea”, launched as a joint initiative with Davines, a leading cosmetics company, to celebrate “Parma Italian Capital of Culture” and bring to light the city’s roots in the chemical-pharmaceutical world.


«The Art of Caring successfully brings together the Chiesi Heritage project, set up with the aim of enhancing the value of our company’s extensive historical archives, and Pharmacopea” - commented Andrea Chiesi, Head of Special Projects at the Chiesi Group -. “Chiesi’s history and that of the city are obviously closely interlinked, as are the three itineraries created within the scope of the initiative. The connection between pharmaceutical chemistry and nature has always existed and most of today’s therapies still derive from the development of substances or active ingredients produced by plants. The science behind therapies therefore stems from nature and has always played a part in the Chiesi story – an example of this was when our founder, Dr Giacomo Chiesi, would send his assistants and children to gather ivy to make into a syrup as a treatment for asthma».


Three macro-themes form the basis for the project: Botanics, Pharmacy and Shared Value. Each of these sets out from a symbolic location with a story to tell. A journey in search of dedication and passion, key drivers both now and in the future.


Botanics examines this age-old art, exploring Parma’s Botanic Garden: it is here that the roots of today’s pharmacopoeia, a blend of magic, the observation of nature and science, are to be found.


Pharmacy instead centres on the Antica Farmacia San Filippo Neri and describes the history behind the figure of the ancient apothecary and the way it has evolved into our modern-day pharmacist: a profession characterised by empiricism, experience and “secrets” that have become a complex and highly organised science.


The third, Shared Value, is dedicated to the Chiesi story, which is closely linked to that of the city of Parma. A story beginning in 1935 that is today being told thanks to “The Art of Caring” and the Chiesi Heritage projects using historic sources which take us to the present day. By bringing together the lessons of the past, the company’s identity becomes a contemporary value that sees the generation of shared value as a cornerstone for Chiesi now and in the future.


Our thanks go to the Promemoria Group for creating “The Art of Caring”, which will also be the central feature of a non-virtual exhibition consisting of interactive Totems installed at the Chiesi Group’s premises in Parma (Headquarters, Research Centre, San Leonardo and Via Palermo) and at the Parma’s Botanic Garden and the Antica Farmacia San Filippo Neri.

For further information about these two locations, please click here to go to the Pharmacopea website.



The Chiesi Group 

Based in Parma, Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici is an international research-focussed group with 85 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector operating in 29 countries. It conducts research and develops and markets innovative drugs for respiratory treatment, Special Care and rare diseases. The Group’s Research and Development centre is based in Parma and works alongside five other important research and development centres in France, the U.S., Canada, the UK and Sweden to promote its pre-clinical, clinical and regulatory programmes. The Group employs around 6,000 people. Chiesi became a certified B Corp in 2019: as such it is required by law to consider the impact of its decisions on its employees, clients, suppliers, communities and the environment. This global movement views business as a force for good. The company is also committed to becoming carbon neutral (generating zero impact on the environment) by the end of 2035.



Contacts for the press:

Giovanna Usvardi
Global Communication & Public Affairs Head

Tel: +39 3400875248

Email: g.usvardi@chiesi.com


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Global Communication Manager

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