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Chiesi Group Twitter Profile – Community Guidelines


Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Chiesi Group) Twitter profile is designed for sharing information, news and events relating to the world of health or to the Chiesi Group. We are delighted that you are in touch with us on Twitter and hope that we can develop a fruitful and stimulating dialogue together.


The following information contains the Terms of Use (hereafter known as "Terms"), which regulate the way you interact with our Twitter profile. These Terms incorporate those of Twitter themselves relating to the way you use them, which must also comply with Twitter’s terms and conditions. By interacting with our Twitter profile, users are deemed to agree to respect these Terms. The purpose of the Twitter Chiesi Group profile is to create the possibility of sharing the latest news and updates regarding the company. 


Our Twitter profile is not a forum for discussing health treatments or conditions or channels for notifying us about adverse events or side effects. Our Twitter profile is not intended to provide medical advice or discuss Chiesi drugs or products of any kind, and are not authorised to provide notifications regarding side effects or other significant pharmacovigilance events which may be associated with Chiesi or products from other companies in the Chiesi Group. Messages or photos from our Twitter profile may contain information or details on the activities of the Chiesi Group which are not available or accessible in all countries depending on specific law, but only refer to Italy.


If you believe that you have experienced any medical side effects or reactions from a Chiesi drug, you should consult your physician, pharmacist or other healthcare professional immediately. You can also notify us about an adverse event or side effect relating to any of our products sending an e-mail to cds@chiesi.com. Click here to consult the privacy policy relating to pharmacovigilance pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. For more information you may visit the Chiesi Pharmacovigilance dedicated page.


However, as a rule of thumb, we suggest you share as little personal information as possible on our Twitter profile, especially sharing any specific data concerning your personal health should be avoided. Should you, nonetheless, decide to include a tweet detailing any side effects, Chiesi may need to contact you to find out more information. Tweets of this nature may not appear or may need to be removed from Twitter Chiesi Group profile; this is due to legal obligations concerning drug safety reporting.


We invite you to take part in the online conversations by sharing your opinions with us and the rest of the Twitter Community, maintaining a polite and respectful approach.


We welcome requests and try to answer questions as soon as possible. Due to the limitations of Twitter and the highly regulated nature of the pharmaceutical industry, we will not be permitted to deal with certain topics online. 


We would like to ensure that any dialogue started on our Twitter profile is constructive and remains on-topic. Comments will not be answered and may be deleted from the company profile if they:

  • relate to Chiesi products (for this kind of information please refer to our website https://www.chiesi.com/en/contacts/);
  • are defamatory, denigrating, offensive, vulgar, obscene or discriminatory;
  • contain threats or violence or relate to illegal behaviour;
  • contain information that is false, inaccurate, deceiving or not relevant for the purposes of the conversation being held;
  • are off-topic and unrelated to the Chiesi Group;
  • contain medical or health advice;
  • contain personal information such as names and surnames of third parties, email addresses or telephone numbers;
  • contain confidential and sensitive information;
  • contain information which may violate third party intellectual property or copyrights;
  • relate to commercial offers or are designed to attract new followers;
  • contain excessively repetitive information, which may constitute spam for the Communities;
  • do not respect the terms of the Twitter User Agreement.


Our Twitter profile is regularly monitored and updated from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00 Central European time (UTC +1:00). Comments and questions posted outside this timeframe will receive a reply as soon as possible during working hours.


Although the Chiesi Group uses various languages, any communications made via our Twitter profile are in English or Italian. In the event that a language other than English or Italian is used on our Twitter profile, the Chiesi Group cannot ensure that a reply will be provided.


This version of the Terms was updated in March 2021. The Terms may be revised periodically. Interacting with our Twitter profile will be considered implicit acceptance of the Terms and any subsequent changes made.


We would like to remind you that any content shared via our Twitter profile can be accessed by the public. The Chiesi Group can process, archive and use any information users decide to share via this channel for purposes such as managing notifications relating to adverse events (as specified above) or providing user assistance where requested. In order to facilitate the management of requests, we may ask for further information that will be used exclusively for the purposes for which they were requested.


We would like to inform you that the Chiesi Group uses third parties to help manage your comments and messages, which means that they too may also have access to all the personal information you share with us. These third parties are obliged by contract to ensure that the information shared by users on our Twitter profile is adequately and securely protected.


Please note that Twitter also have access to the information shared with us via their platforms. For more information please consult the Twitter Data Policy.

For more information on how the Chiesi Group processes your personal data, please consult the Privacy Policy


Thank you for reading these Terms and for being a part of the Chiesi Group or Twitter Community.