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We ACT Day 2019: Chiesi sets itself the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2035

Date: 25/09/2019

Today all of the Group’s affiliates, employees, communities and company partners commit to building a sustainable future


Parma, September 25th 2019 – Chiesi Farmaceutici, an international group focussed on improving the quality of people’s lives (the Chiesi Group), celebrates during the global mobilisation week dedicated to climate change the We ACT- Day: We Actively Care for Tomorrow. This programme, which aims to raise awareness and engage all the company’s employees, is intended to promote a conscious and alternative way of operating to generate a positive impact on society and the environment. The event, which was organised simultaneously in all the Group’s 28 affiliates, involved over a thousand employees in Parma, along with representatives from local institutions in the Parma area and the academic world, associations and endorsers from the world of sport.


The day, featuring themed stands, practical activities and mini conferences, is based on the Strategic Sustainability Plan implemented by the Group, which stems from some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The event centres on the 9 SDGs selected by Chiesi to be integrated within its own strategic plan. Particular attention will be paid to themes such as health and wellbeing, focus on the patient, social inclusion, environmental protection, work, innovation and enhancing the value of diversity, presented by Chiesi’s employees with the help of guest speakers.


The 25th of September was in fact specifically chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the creation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


“We believe that Chiesi has the capability, resources and skills to contribute to the challenge set by the United Nations. The 9 SDGs on which We Act Day focusses represent the founding elements for the way we operate and are shared by our colleagues all over the world” – explains Maria Paola Chiesi, Shared Value and Sustainability Director - “People are the true key players in our programme.”


We Act Day forms part of a daily synergistic programme between Chiesi and the employees at all of its functions. A number of the initiatives launched have generated real change: reducing paper consumption, eliminating the use of plastic bottles, introducing recyclable materials and using renewable energy, as well as promoting sustainable mobility and running the company’s volunteer month. 


Within this context and fully aware of the climate emergency we are facing, Chiesi is today setting itself a challenge and announces its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2035, offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions to achieve a net zero carbon footprint. 


“Today more than ever, three years after the Paris Agreement and the adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, we are fully aware that every single contribution may have a global impact,” concludes Maria Paola Chiesi. “Our actions will influence the health and survival of our planet, and consequently the extent to which our society prospers. At Chiesi we are determined to do our bit by actively contributing through the resources at our disposal with both commitment and enthusiasm.” 


In May 2019 the Chiesi Group became the first global pharmaceutical company to achieve B Corp* certification. In 2018 Chiesi Farmaceutici modified its statute to that of Benefit Corporation**. 




* BCorps® are companies which meet the highest standards of certified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility, attempting to achieve the perfect balance between profit and sustainable objectives. 


** A Benefit Corporation is a new juridical form of business provided for by Italian Law (208/2015). This model redefines the purposes of the company itself, which in addition to operating for profit also aims to make a positive impact on society and the environment, and undertakes to create value not only for shareholders but also for the other stakeholders.



The Chiesi Group  

Based in Parma, Italy, Chiesi Farmaceutici is an international research-oriented group with over 80 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, operating in 28 countries. The Group conducts research, develops and markets innovative drugs for respiratory treatment, Special Care medicine and rare diseases. The Group’s Research and Development Centre is based in Parma and integrates its work with that of 4 other important R&D groups in France, the USA, the UK and Sweden to promote its own pre-clinical, clinical and registration programmes. The Chiesi Group is a certified B Corp and employs around 5,700 people. For further information see www.chiesi.com




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