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Empowering Women in Science and Healthcare: Chiesi’s Commitment to Gender Equality

Date: 12/02/2024


In 1936, Neive Terzi became the first female researcher hired at Chiesi, a year after the company was founded as a pioneer in the healthcare field. Not only was she the first employee with a degree at the time, but she laid the foundation of a journey of women empowerment that has become deeply ingrained in Chiesi's DNA. Of more than 6,500 employees worldwide, today 55% are women, this figure climbs even higher in the Research and Development department, where 65% of over 650 researchers are women.


These numbers are a testament to Chiesi’s dedication to inclusivity but also reflects a global trend that calls for greater representation of women in scientific fields. According to the United Nations, female researchers typically tend to have shorter, lower paid careers. While they represent 33.3% of all researchers, only 12% of members of national science academies are women.[1]


In light of these challenges, Chiesi is resolute in its mission to address these disparities head-on and create a workplace where all employees can thrive, regardless of gender. Through equal opportunities initiatives, fair compensation, and supportive policies, the Group aims to create an environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and fairly rewarded.



Challenging Ourselves to Go Beyond

In 2021, Chiesi embarked on a global challenge to tackle gender disparities within the organization. Despite already maintaining a low Group Unexplained Pay Gap of -1.48%, the Group sought to surpass industry benchmarks by reducing the Gender Pay Gap even further.


By 2022, one year ahead of the expected timeline, Chiesi was able to achieve its goal of reducing the Gender Pay Gap to below 1%, through rigorous efforts, including two merit pay cycles, a round of pay equity adjustments, a comprehensive review of HR processes, and targeted recruitment of women in senior roles.


Today, Chiesi Group is proud to announce that its Gender Pay Gap has narrowed to -0.77%  at the Group level, in line with the international targets. While the unexplained gender pay gap varies from country to country, it is statistically non-significant in most regions.



Not Just Words: Gender Equality Certification

As a testament to its steadfast commitment, Chiesi has also confirmed the Gender Equality Certification from Bureau Veritas, in accordance with Italian law UNI/PdR 125:2022.


This certification involved both Chiesi Farmaceutici and Chiesi Italia and encompasses all six indicator areas (KPIs) outlined by the guidelines: culture and strategy, governance, HR processes, opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company, gender pay equality, parental protection, and work-life balance.


By empowering women in science and healthcare, Chiesi is driving innovation, inspiring future generations, and ensuring that diverse voices and perspectives are at the forefront of scientific advancements.


[1] https://www.un.org/en/observances/women-and-girls-in-science-day