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People at the centre

Since the very beginning, people have been a central focus of Chiesi’s work.

  • Our people

Our collaborators, who carry out the company’s activities and their families and therefore all those living in the communities where the company is present.

Promoting professional and personal development, guaranteeing health and safety, exploiting diversity to the full to stimulate creativity and innovation, developing team spirit and creating a workplace which promotes the wellbeing of workers both at work and outside of work, are central aspects of our commitment to Chiesi people.

In order to demonstrate our attention towards our collaborators we have set up projects which guarantee a safe working environment. We have introduced a project for the Assessment of correlated Stress-work Risk to identify and intervene quickly in the event of any critical issues coming to light.

The Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) project is a safety programme based on promoting safe behaviour which has achieved 100% implementation at our production and Research and Development sites in Italy, generating more than 1,300 suggestions for more than 200 safety improvements.

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  • Patients


Alongside our commitment to constantly researching and creating reliable high-quality drugs for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, neonatal diseases and rare conditions, we also want to represent a point of reference for our patients, the direct beneficiaries of our drugs,and their caregivers, all those who take care of them.

Patient safety means commitment to guaranteeing the reliability of our products, which are characterised by high quality and safety standards, also by continuous monitoring and effective risk management through our pharmacovigilance policy.

At both global and national level we work jointly with patient associations in advocacy activities. We also focus on projects aimed at gaining a better understanding of the aspects relating to assistance and wellbeing. A relationship based on reliability and a willingness to listen, enables us to understand patients’ real needs and work with them to develop innovative solutions aimed at meeting these needs.

Quality, reliability, willingness to listen, understanding needs, yet also access to treatment.

In order to promote health as a fundamental right of everyone, we are committed to extending access to treatment for patients in emerging countries, who are either in disadvantaged situations or  have difficulty in accessing therapy.

To this end, we work jointly with sectorial associations at international level and promote early access programmes for our drugs that are in the development phase, in particular those for rare or ultra-rare conditions and those which are unique to the market.

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