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“Vendor Day”: the role of Chiesi Group’s Value Chain in shaping the future

Date: 16/11/2022

by Guido D’Agostino, Head of Global Procurement of the Chiesi Group


Vendor Day, an event staged annually since 2019, is a unique opportunity to meet our partners and suppliers in order to present, discuss and share the strategic projects launched by Chiesi during the year. But, above all, this is a vital chance to “design” together the best practices in terms of quality, service level, innovation, collaboration and in our progress towards the sustainability of the group’s supply chain.


Indeed, for our business model to work and bring real change, the involvement of our entire Value Chain is crucial. Each one of us is mutually indispensable in a process of reciprocal learning and shared evolution.


Chiesi, as a B Corp-certified Benefit Corporation, firmly believes in the concept of interdependence. Our code of conduct, called the Code of Interdependence, was drawn up in 2020 and updated in 2021 in collaboration with our strategic suppliers, preferring the concept of an "Ecosystem" rather than a "supply chain”. And just like all the components of a system are interconnected and interdependent, so all the partners in our “Ecosystem” can use the Code as a practical tool for developing a Value Chain focused on sustainability and inclusivity.


At the centre are the medium to long term goals that Chiesi intends to attain with the help of our partners, by listening to their voices and acknowledging their experiences. Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, we have presented our "Supplier Awards" to the firms that have achieved outstanding results in their dealings with the company.


The “Best Supplier for People and Planet” award is for companies that have launched a significant sustainability project, while “We Excel in Sustainability” rewards suppliers that, based on the evaluation of social, environmental, ethical and managerial aspects, have demonstrated effective sustainability practices in line with Chiesi’s principles. Finally, "We Excel in Quality and Service Level" is awarded to companies that have stood out for their level of quality and service, while “We Excel in Innovation and Collaboration” acknowledges excellence in these areas in corporate organisations.


The awards were introduced in 2021 to highlight the importance of sharing the sustainability principles in relations between companies, boosting the dissemination of good practices in the management of environmental, social and economic impact and in the governance of the life cycle of goods and services, in accordance with the Global Compact of the United Nations.


Engaging in dialogue and sharing values will enable us to tackle the social challenges and business opportunities together, combining corporate success with social progress. Respect for human rights and the fight against climate change are, without doubt, among the most urgent global questions. Affirming the dignity and equality of all human beings and condemning any significant discrimination means, for us, first and foremost, promoting workplaces marked by principles of equity and inclusivity.


As regards the climate, we intend to reach net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2035, reducing our emissions as much as possible and offsetting the remainder. And, since a significant part of our impact is generated by inhaler sprays for the administration of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatments, we have decided to work, with an investment of EUR 350 million, on the development of a new-generation propellant with low environmental impact, which will reduce emissions by 90%.


But it is clear that this is still not enough and that, to reach the goals we have set ourselves, the contributions and collaboration of all our suppliers and strategic partners are needed, since they play a key role in the evolution of Chiesi's Value Chain.