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Empowering Diversity & Inclusion: Chiesi Affinity Networks

Date: 10/05/2024

At Chiesi, we aim to create an inclusive environment and foster a culture where everybody feels valued, respected, and empowered to freely express themselves, making our Company #ThePlaceToBe.

This goal is attainable thanks to the guidance of our Global D&I Vision and Strategy and the support of our D&I Committee that have launched a new initiative called Chiesi Affinity Networks (CANs).

CANs are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), employee-led initiatives aimed at fostering diversity and inclusivity within the workplace. They create a sense of belonging, encourage dialogue, and play a crucial role in shaping an environment where employees feel safe to be themselves, fostering high-trust relationships crucial for innovation.

CANs are indeed volunteer-led groups coming together under the name of a common affinity, cause, or theme, to represent invisible needs and provide a space for discussion, ideas and concrete solutions for Chiesi.

We already have several active CANs in Chiesi, discover them all!



Chiesi Existing CANs:


To be a visible and accessible resource for all employees and to be a tool for the continuous improvement of the work environment by pursuing education and awareness initiatives on LGBTQ+ issues in the company.


Contribute to cultivating a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, fostering the internationalization of the way we work and collaborate. By learning to implement the strengths inherent in each cultural perspective, we aim to optimize our collective endeavors.


Cultivate a mindset shift in how individuals perceive their own abilities and disabilities by encouraging them to view challenges or limitations as opportunities for adaptation. The aim is to promote inclusivity and a greater appreciation for one’s diverse capabilities.

generazioni Promote awareness of generational diversity, create and support a diversified group thanks to the contribution of different generations by sharing experiences and fostering creativity, motivation, and ambition.
harmony Give visibility to the peculiarity of different lifestyles, the values they generate, the challenges and the needs they have, proposing actions to improve Mental Health.
win Connect and support women in Chiesi, fostering gender empowerment through communication campaigns, education programs and the celebration of some international days.