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Sustainability of our supply chain

The United Nations Global Compact defines supply chain sustainability as "the management of environmental, social and economic impacts and promotion of good governance practices throughout the entire life cycle of goods and services".

This definition underlines the importance of bringing the principles of sustainability to all of the relationships between companies as one of the key ways of implementing the principles of sustainability more widely. We are committed to managing our supply chain as responsibly as possible. If we really want to make our sustainable business model work, and ensure it introduces real changes, we are aware that it is important to involve our network. This is why the management of our supply chain and the promotion of our principles is increasingly important to improve the efficiency of our work.

As a Benefit Corporation, we believe in the concept of interdependence. Our code of conduct, known as the Code of Interdependence, has been drawn up as part of a joint initiative with our strategic suppliers, changing the concept of supply chain to ecosystem, which recognises each of us as essential to the others within a process of mutual learning and co-evolution.

Our inspiration for this came from movements and cutting-edge visions of the pharmaceutical industry such as the PSCI (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative), B Corp, ILO (International Labour Organization) and the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


We recognise the need to act urgently. The Interdependence Code is a practical tool that Chiesi and all of the other components of our ecosystem can use to evolve towards a more sustainable and inclusive concept of company for the pharma industry and a better world.