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Solidarity actions to support the people affected by the war

Date: 08/04/2022

Like many around the world, the people at Chiesi are shocked by the ongoing conflict as we witness the distress of all those affected. Chiesi strongly condemns all acts of violence, and we call for a peaceful and immediate resolution of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In more than 85 years of our history, we have always honoured our mission to improve the quality of life of our patients, and this is what continues to guide us in these turbulent times and leads us to focus on concrete actions that can bring help directly to people in need and support all our patients and colleagues. 


Our Patients

Chiesi Group plans to maintain operations in the Russian territories, focusing primarily on medical information and disease awareness and ensure access to our therapeutic options.

Chiesi Group is however temporarily pausing any new recruitment of patients for all ongoing clinical trials in Russia, though continuing to treat all those already enrolled and ensuring they receive all the therapeutic solutions they need.

Terminating all our activities would only deprive people of the medicines they need, add further suffering, and contradict our purpose. Our focus will always remain on our patients, and Chiesi will continue to prioritise uninterrupted access to treatments to patients in Ukraine and Russia and surrounding territories, despite the unstable situation.


Our People

Our people are, and always have been, at the heart of our actions and decisions and in these complex times, where situations change rapidly, we will continue to support our colleagues wherever they are to ensure, as best as we can, their safety and wellbeing.


Support to the Ukrainian Community 

Chiesi Group has allocated an initial sum of 1.5 million-euro, part of which has already been committed to support international humanitarian NGOs, such as UNHCR - the UN Refugee Agency, the Red Cross and UNICEF, and international NGOs with a long-lasting and solid presence in Ukraine, working for specific target of beneficiaries, such as oncological children as well as initiatives for the reception of refugees in hosting countries.

Moreover, Chiesi Group is matching employees’ donations for selected partners in support to local and international organizations.

In addition to monetary support, Chiesi is constantly monitoring drug donation requests received from different channels worldwide and responding, whenever the requests can be met, by donating Chiesi drugs. Among others, Chiesi has donated life-saving treatments for neonates and transplant patients in Ukraine. Chiesi Group is also continuing to support International Health Partners (IHP), a selected partner since 2016, to aid its mission to help individuals and communities access the essential medicines and health supplies they need and strengthen health systems when they are put under strain by natural or man-made crises. 

For further updates, please refer to the official EFPIA channels.