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The B Change: the Instant Book by Pharmastar is online

Date: 14/07/2020

The Instant Book "Doing business today is also an environmental and social value. The B Change" is online. It has been edited by the editorial staff of Pharmastar and it is dedicated to the international movement of the B Corps. This document is intended to provide a detailed overview of the B Corp movement, from its creation to its goals, how to join it, how to measure the impact of a company and how to begin the process of becoming a “Benefit Company”.


A particular attention is dedicated to our Group, as today the largest international pharmaceutical group to have obtained B Corp certification.


«For Chiesi, shared value means creating value for society and the company itself, while generating value for the system in which the company operates. This comes from the basic concept of interdependence: an enterprise cannot grow in an unhealthy society struggling to survive in a dying planet. It means trying to create a business able to face the many challenges of our society while generating the necessary profit to guarantee the company is here to stay. “To us, shared value means working for our patients in an entirely new way» states Maria Paola Chiesi, shared value & sustainability director at Chiesi. «A pharmaceutical company usually works starting from a molecule to the patient; we are completely revolutionizing this process changing our way of seeing diseases, starting with a molecule and ending with the patient, listening to their experiences to changing the way we view diseases”».


Click here to read the Pharmastar’s Instant Book.